One Less Cardboard Sign Beside the Interstate

Looks like might not join the other activists and hold up a tiny sign beside the interstate on June 26.  Can’t say I blame  Granted, it may be making a logical decision for a greedy reason, but so what.

signs I’m all about protesting this ridiculous royalty rate increase, but given the fact that a significant portion of the music industry would love for all third party controlled online music to disappear in the hopes that the cat would somehow run back into the bag, thereby preserving their distribution monopoly, is shutting down internet radio for a day really going to help?  What they ought to do is play only music that isn’t captive to the music industry cartel.  There are millions of artists out there who control their own catalog and would happily allow their music to be played on these stations for a day- or longer- without payment.  It would show the cartel- and the public- what the future of music distribution looks like, and it might force the cartel to reason.  It would also give a ton of deserving artists some valuable and deserved exposure.

You’ve got to toss some tea in the ocean to make a difference.  Balsamic hyperion didn’t work and neither will turning online radio off for a day.

If you can’t change the game because someone else makes all the rules, it might be time to find a new game.  With better rules.

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