Evening Reading: 6/22/07

Dell is working on the bloatware problem by giving buyers the option to reduce the amount of pre-installed software.  Most of that stuff is thinly disguised ads or crippled versions aimed at an upsell.  The first thing I do when I buy a new computer is wipe the hard drive and do a clean OS install.  Now maybe I won’t have to do that.

Stardock TweakVista looks like another useful program.

Louis Gray tells us his 8 worst stock moves.  I was right there with him on numbers 1 and 2.  Some of my other bonehead moves: 360Networks, Exodus, not selling Enron when I was up 100%, letting Cramer talk me into buying JDSU, and going big in Nokia.  I made a fortune and almost immediately lost a fortune in the first dot.com boom and bust.  It’s relatively easy to know when to buy a stock.  The hard part is knowing when to sell one.

Blonde 2.0 on her favorite Facebook applications.  Brad Feld wonders what’s in it for the application developers.  I just wonder why Facebook’s interface is so confusing.

Chip Camden has worn a black shirt every Friday for the past 10 years.  His wife didn’t notice the pattern.  Chip says that’s because all his other weird habits obscured it.  Odd behavior is great camouflage.  I will not pick up a coin that is tails up.  I’ll flip it over first.  No one has ever noticed that.

Dan Santow on one of my grammatical pet peeves: the me, myself and I thing.  Dave Taylor on the legality of recording phone calls.  I’m not sure why I see a connection there, but I do.

I’m reading it, because it was a swivel feeds recommendation, but I’m not feeling the cats.  Having said that, there are probably a thousand secretaries at my firm who would live on that web site if they knew about it.  Media popularity is a funny thing.

Why didn’t my buddy Clayton and I have this when we were making those fake IDs back in high school?

Here’s a list of web applications for students.  The ones in my law school classes seem to just surf the net all the time.  One of my favorite tricks is to run up the steps without warning, just to watch all the laptops get slammed shut.

How do you feel about intro-tagging your web post titles?  Robert Andrews, one of my swivel feeds, begins many of his post titles with the tag “Blogging4Business.”  Over time, I have found that I tend to skip over those.  I wonder if that’s just me?  Maybe there are others who always read those and skip the others.

Umm, what do you think they talk about when they are face to face, church and public service opportunities?  Say it with me:  IM, like blogging, is a platform for content.  It does not create the content.  I agree with Will when he says “The worst that can be said of instant messaging is that it is enabling anti-social behavior. But it does that the same way that a phone does and a car does. By the time the kid is online trolling for cocaine, you’re no longer in prevention mode, you’re in damage control mode. Their unmonitored access to IM is the least of your problems.”

Dreamcrowd looks very cool to me.  I am fascinated by dreams, both mine and those of others close to me.  I have dreamed twice that I was a member of the Grateful Dead.  I also dream from time to time that I have mad hops on the court and can dunk a basketball like Dr. J.  I also have occasional, but recurring, nightmares in which some sort of creature is trying to break into the house where I grew up.  Once, a long time ago, I dreamed I was on death row (I don’t know why), and got escorted to the electric chair by my Administrative Law professor (whom I barely knew, even back in law school).  I am definitely the target demographic for this web site.

Mashable let me down today, so no Bebo update.  In the meantime, just remember: “Zingfu just hooked up with Bebo to offer Zingfu within Bebo Widgets.”

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