Evening Reading: 6/21/07

Copyblogger has some good advice for writing better blog posts: The 10 Second Rule.  Romance Tracker has 10 reasons why blogging is like dating.

Cassidy will be happy to read this, as will my (older) sister.

I have a feeling this is going to take the blogosphere by storm.  Who needs a lightsaber when you can have a tricorder?  Or even better, an iPhone.

Vispa seems like a pretty good application for tweaking Vista.

Jeff Balke posts 5 albums that changed his life.  I like to read musicians writing about music they like to listen to.  The record that changed me the most was Europe 72.  I had never before heard the band that would become my favorite, and from the moment I heard that record my entire musical direction changed.  Another one is Otis Spann’s Biggest Thing Since Colossus.  It made me a huge fan of Otis, the blues in general and piano blues in particular, in one listen.

Fred Wilson took a break from not participating in my swivel feeds experiment and raving madly about Marc Andreessen to write something I completely agree with: Yahoo should not buy MySpace.  GigaOm handicaps who should buy Yahoo.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to do a Bebo update today (here’s the first and second), but Mashable once again came to my rescue with this delicious nugget: “Widget marketplace Widgetbox, together with Sugar Publishing, has launched Widgetbox Showcase for Bebo, a collection of interactive gossip widgets. The showcase includes a number of widgets pulling content from various gossip related sites, for example PopSugar, FabSugar and Perez Hilton.”  I actually understand what that sentence means, which is a first for my Bebo updates.  I have no idea what Bebo is, but I cover it daily- which makes me just like 80% of the other social networking exuberants.

TDavid, having licked TV, is now eradicating credit cards.  If you need a reason to get rid of TV, here it is.  If this story is true, it is a summation of everything wrong with our culture.

Dave wants us to link to him.  Tell you what Dave, give me some swivel feeds recommendations and I’ll link to you every day for a month.  Think of it like a virtual autograph.

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