Meanwhile in Ring Three

Here’s the latest from the (a)Tension Convention.

3ringStowe Boyd, who never answered my very relevant question, says in a comment to Karl Martino’s excellent post on the topic that he doesn’t like being called a blowhard for no reason.  Dave Rogers then goes into great detail about why he thinks Stowe is a blowhard.  Does anyone really give a shit whether Stowe is a blowhard or not?  Or whether his hat is a backwards baseball cap or a beret or an Indian headdress?

Once again, bloggers are fighting about all sorts of stupid stuff while the issues that really matter, such as marketing, conflicts of interest and whether Web 2.0 amounts to a hill of beans, are ignored.  If you ever doubt that the blogosphere is more about building and defending personal brands than promoting reasoned discourse, all you have to do is look at what bloggers get mad about.  It’s the playground mentality, only semi-anonymous and remote.

The blogosphere is what we make it.

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