Evening Reading: 6/18/07

Newly subscribed: Be a Good Mom (Mike Miller’s better half), Charles Teague (via Claus).

You know those emails you get offering you a fortune to help move a little money out of some foreign country?  Here’s version 2.0.

Robert Nagle: “on the few occasions when I took a TV glance at it, I found that Paris Hilton reality show (The Simple Life) to be cute and fun. Some of it was a put on, but it was mostly silly entertainment – certainly much better than the Bill Oreilly show for instance.”  If I was forced to watch one or the other, I’d probably side with Robert.

Got some time to kill?  PC Gaming Blog has a list of the 100 best free, full version games you can download.

Louis Gray has seen Michael Moore’s Sicko and has a report.  Shelley has some reservations about its availability on the internet.  I suspect there are some people who will see it on the web who would’ve otherwise seen it in a theater and I suspect there are some who will see it on the web who wouldn’t have seen it at all otherwise.  All in all, a wash or close to it.

Chris Brogan on activated communities.  A colleague of mine once said that anytime someone asked him to be on a committee, he knew it was because they wanted him to work for someone else’s cause, for free.  I’m not quite that cynical, but you always have to ask yourself “activated to what purpose?”  Chris is correct that you have to give the community something in return for its action.  The answer to what that return is tells you if it’s really community building or just disguised marketing.  Usually, but not always, it’s disguised marketing.

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