Evening Reading: 6/8/07

Louis Gray says the biggest blogs aren’t really blogs any more.  He’s right.  The good ones are the new old media.  The bad ones are pro sports:  all about the money and the bling.

Darren Rowse on building your personal brand through blogging.  Good, common sense advice.

@Rick: I’m not on the Vlog wagon (yet), but FYI the video doesn’t show up in feeds.  That seems to me to be a big drawback.  As far as the video blogging thing goes, I like TDavid’s Hmmmcasts (which has an enclosure in my feed, but won’t play).  A couple of minutes.  Good information.  Someone should invent an application that allows people to do remote video podcasts, with little Brady Bunch boxes for each participant.  That would be very cool.

I wish someone loved me as much as Scoble loves Zooomer.

Seth Godin has an interesting post about coaching.  I have done a fair amount of coaching and, for me, being coachable all comes down to one trait: the ability to listen as opposed to just hear.

@Tony: Why are you feeding the troll?  Starve him.  Like a cold.  Or is that a fever?  I can’t ever remember.  As usual, Amy gets it.

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