Cheraw High School, Class of 1978 Social Network


In light of the recent discussion about social networking, I have been thinking about a platform to allow the class of Cheraw (SC) High School class of 1978 to reconnect a little.  I was inspired by Ethan Johnson’s blog based attempt to avoid the entrapment of and other walled-in social networks.

I want the platform to be community-based, where everyone feels ownership.  For that reason, I decided to create something outside of Newsome.Org.  After looking around a bit, I concluded that Ning was the best beginning point.  Using Ning, I have created the Cheraw High ’78 social network.

Now comes the problem.  Because I am a poor correspondent, I don’t know how to get the word out to my classmates.  So I am going to start by listing a few names and hoping that Google searches will lead a few people to this post, and in turn to the Cheraw High ’78 site.  If that happens, and people spread the word, it might achieve escape velocity and take off.

Or it might not.  But this is all I can do.

The rest is up to Google, and you (I don’t know any married names, so I’m going to go with what I know for the women).

Michael Graham
Kevin Morris
Thomas Burr
Tommy Rollings
Ande Rogers
Jay Leach
Theo Burns
Joe Middleton
Alan Smith
Pam Lovelace
Angie Lovelace
Pam Deprete
Julia Taylor
DeeDee Marsh
Chris Porter
Diane Swain
Sarah Young
Thomas Meyers
Gus Anderson
Ernest Ash
Eleanor Baker
Judy Cranford
Kim Dickens
Whit Fowler
Jim Graham
Bonnie Graham
Ron Korfmacher
Meg Harris

These are just a few names.  If there is any traction, I’ll add more via another post.

Let me add that I know very little about using social networks, including many of the features Ning offers.  We’ll have to figure it out together.

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