Evening Reading: 6/5/07

I didn’t know they still updated Netscape Navigator.  To quote Mini-Mac quoting some TV show I never saw: “If what you say is true…I still don’t care.”  That rule was later codified as the Rule in Tommy Lee’s Case and the subsequent Care Bears Doctrine.  Stated another way, is there anyone who really cares?  If so, here’s the Navigator story via Wikipedia.

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’m fixing to do it again:  Engadget and Gizmodo should have a self-imposed limit of 6 posts a day.  I find the sheer number of posts oppressive.  And I don’t read them.  Which means I never see the ads.

Covestor is intriguing to me.  I am not going to give up my brokerage account information, but I have long thought that investing via social networking was a relatively untapped market.  I’d love an online application that lets me create a private group for investing tips, investment clubs and maybe a way to create a personal stock index based on my portfolio.  Om has a good write-up on Covestor.

I guess Newsome.Org was number 36.  Bummer.

Scott Karp has a great write-up on WordPress vs Movable Type.  As someone on the verge of breaking out of the Blogger trap, I am very interested in the differences between the major blogging platforms.  Shelley Powers thinks the train has already left the station and Movable Type wasn’t on it.

Tom Morris likes Google Gears.

Tony Hung agrees with me about Guy’s real return on Truemors.  Guy in general, and Truemors in particular, are great proof points for Seth’s theory of the blogosphere.  Having said that, let me say again for the record that blogging is about links (whether we like it or not), and Guy has done a great job of leveraging on his connections to grow his blog.  It just irritates me, that’s all.

Based on Thomas Hawk’s review, I can’t wait to get my hands on a Drobo.  I have tried every known manner of redundant backup and have found no satisfactory solution to date.

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