Evening Reading: 6/4/07

Randy on Mark on the wasted internet.  I guarantee you American business loses millions a day to the loss of productivity caused by the internet.  If I were a business owner, I’m not sure what I’d do about the internet.  My hunch is that people who are inclined to goof off will do it one way or another.  Take away the internet and it will be something else.  Plus, it’s unfair to those who use the internet reasonably to take away their access because someone else surfs the net all day.  It’s a tough issue.

@Mathew: All he wants is the attention and that $12K got him a ton of it.  If he really wanted to create a successful Web 2.0 application, he would have listened to those of us who accurately predicted the problems he would face.  Rather, he elected to take anything critical as an attack.

@Richard: I’m not sure how Technorati works from the inside out, but Dave is a good guy and will help fix your issues personally if you ask him.  He helped me repeatedly when I was having problems getting indexed.  I have noticed in the past few weeks that Google picks up links to my blog faster than Technorati does.  Good thing for Technorati that (a) they have the link count/authority thing working in their favor and (b) Google is completely ignoring its blog search engine, as far as promotion and new features go.

I’m not sure I like the plea for a donation at the end of every post and now the $30 bounty for feed subscribing at Bob Meets World, one of my Swivel Feeds.  It makes me think he’s, um, blogging for money.  Paging TDavid for his thoughts on this sort of thing.

On the other hand, Quasi-Fictional knows how to link out, and get linked back.  It feels much more like a win-win, in the Darren Rowse mode.

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