Signs of Blog-Addiction


I like SearchRank’s 10 Signs That You May Be a Blog Addict post.  Before I take a look at their 10 signs, I might add one more:

11. You hire a search engine marketing company to try to move your blog up in Google search results.

Now, my thoughts about the original 10.

1. I’m guilty here.  I use Bloglines for my feeds, and if I am at the computer at home, I generally have a Bloglines tab open in Firefox.  I don’t want to miss it when one of my internet pals hits a good lick.  I think it odd too that this deal isn’t getting any run in the blogosphere.  Where’s Techcrunch?  If one of Scoble’s finger nail clippings got sold for 10 cents on eBay, TechCrunch would have a full page story on it.

2. If I told my clients I had a blog, they wouldn’t know what I was talking about.  I have to use the dog ate my homework excuse.  At least a business person can visualize a dog eating homework.  None I know could visualize blogging.

3. I’ve never dreamed about blogging, simply because there aren’t many bloggers who would find their way into my deserted island scenarios.  I’ve dreamed I could fly.  I have dreamed twice, in great detail, that I was a member of the Grateful Dead.  But never about blogging.  Thankfully.

4. I get inspirations for blog posts at all kinds of odd times.  It’s the same way with songs.  Unfortunately, I generally forget both before I get home to write them down.  Maybe that greater than Twitter application Jott can help me with this.

5. There’s more traffic on the stairs when my kids head off to bed than there is in my comments, so I go to where the action is.

6. This is partially true.  I talk very little about this sort of stuff in the real world, so people can definitely get more of my thoughts here than over dinner.  If someone asks me what I’m thinking in the real world, I scream and run away.  That’s one of the reasons I wish I’d started this blog anonymously.  If I could talk about my real world life more freely without the fear of getting fired or slapped, I could tell some great stories.

7. I love our pets.  But people who are seriously pet-obsessed scare me.  People who aren’t little old ladies who are seriously pet-obsessed scare me big time.  Like the Exorcist.

8. I used to watch my Technorati rank.  But unless you’re willing to stay on the treadmill full time, the formula makes it impossible to move up or maintain your place.  It’s too hard.  I gave up.

9. Nope.  We have Twitter for all those things.

10. I enjoy active Twitterers, Eric Rice and Bagadonuts being among my favorites.  I update my Twitter feed maybe once a day, but that’s because my day to day activities are pretty routine.  If I had more fun and more free time, I’d update more.

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