Do Unicorns Watch TIVOs Too?

Do I have a TIVO box?  You bet I do.  A bunch of them, ranging from my first 14 hour one to the now obsolete HR10-250s HD units I paid a grand a piece for.  Obsolete, because they don’t do MPEG-4.  And because DirecTV greedily killed them off in favor of its inferior PVR.

I sound bitter, only because I am.  TIVOs were one of those once or twice-in-a-lifetime technologies that changed the world the first time you used them.  Like cars.  Like telephones.  Like that magic box on Lost.

TIVO was my constant companion for a few years.  I even won a free one once by writing a song about TIVOs:

I need a free TIVO
To put here in my den
So when I want to watch a show
It will be on right then
There are lots of good shows
I never get to see
X-Files, Star Trek, Millennium
And good ol’ MST

My time with TIVO was beautiful.  There were unicorns running around and I was sure the guy would get the girl (credit Andy from work for that apt description of abject optimism).

And then it ended- at least for those of us who chose satellite over cable.  All that’s left of all that great time-shifting entertainment is my little TIVO man.  He lies forgotten in my kids’ toy box the way my expensive and obsolete TIVOs lie abandoned in my garage and on eBay.

So yeah, I have a TIVO box.  All I need now is a unicorn and everything will be just dandy.

I really miss my TIVO.

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