Why Even Bother Watching New TV Shows?

TV Squad is reporting that Fox has canceled Drive, after a whopping 10 days.  The show didn’t blow me (or apparently many others) away by any means, but it was better than most of the mind numbing, generic sitcoms that seem to fill the airways.  Plus it had Nathan Fillion from another great TV show that got canceled too soon.

It seems like the life expectancy of new TV shows is falling to moth-like levels.  Let’s see: Invasion, Surface, Threshold, Skin, Deadwood, BSG (which, while not canceled yet, is obviously on life support) and now Drive.  And those are just the shows I watched.  No telling how many more five and out shows there have been that I didn’t know about.

At this point, new shows are like new software versions- I’m going to let someone else beta test them.  If they stick, I’ll get the season discs via Netflix.

I no longer trust the networks enough to invest my time in a new show that likely won’t be on next week, or the week after.

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