Morning Reading: 4/21/07

Amy bought a cool fan.  I love retro stuff like that.

I really miss Deadwood.  Now comes word that the movies to finish up the stories won’t air until 2008, at the earliest.  No BSG in 2007.  No Deadwood.  At least we get a little Mal Reynolds fix via Drive.

James Kendrick doesn’t like reading one side of a conversation on Twitter.  He says it “goes against what makes Twitter so appealing.”  Amen.  We have the blogosphere for one sided conversations.

I’m not sure, but it looks like Gizmodo makes people audition for the right to post a comment.  No problem.  When I was a kid most of my buddies wanted to be firemen or policemen when we grew up.  Me, I wanted to be a commenter on Gizmodo.

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