Jimmy Wales on MySpace

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, says that MySpace will fail in a few years, though he does appreciate the momentum behind online communities.

He agrees with me that MySpace pages are ugly, saying that they hurt his eyes.  He goes on to say “there’s way too much advertising and they’re not really respecting their own community.”  Once again, that sounds a lot like Geocities.

I don’t know if MySpace will die, but I absolutely believe its relevance will diminish over time.  It has huge relevance now because it has so much of the young mindshare in this country- mindshare that advertisers covet.  Mindshare is ferae naturae, however, and no one can lay claim to it.  Just ask AOL.

His comments about MySpace come at the end of an interview about the history of Wikipedia and his new open source search engine project.

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