Geocities -> Classmates -> Facebook

Richard Querin on Facebook:

While I’ve only seen glimpses of Facebook, it just doesn’t seem like my type of thing. I may be wrong, but with the very limited glimpses I’ve seen of it and from what these guys have told me, it sounds like meets MySpace.

I’ve never used Facebook, but I have made the mistake of signing up for Classmates a time or two.  If ever there was a space that some ad-intoxicated Web 2.0 developer needs to enter and recreate, it’s the Classmates space.  Classmates may be the single most annoying web site ever.  I’d love to reconnect with some of my high school friends, but not if I have to suffer

I have always thought that Facebook should remain the exclusive domain of college students.  On ACCBoards.Com, I have noticed that when a prized basketball or football recruit signs with a school, some zealous fan always tracks down his Facebook account.  Before you know it, this kid has a ton of new friends he’s never met, the large majority of which he will never meet.  Seems OK for college kids, but a little too stalkerish for grownups.  So even though they opened Facebook up, undoubtedly in pursuit of money, I cringe a little when I read about grownups using Facebook.

MySpace, on the other hand, has always seemed to me to be the new Geocities.  You know- the place where people with no web design skills can create profoundly ugly web pages and wait for people with their own profoundly ugly web pages to link to them.  Granted, it’s more feature rich than Geocities, but that has more to do with the passage of time than some evolutionary leap.  Most MySpace pages I have seen look just like the ones I remember seeing on Geocities back in the day.

Maybe it is age.  Maybe if I were younger, I’d be more into social and networking.  At this point, I’m not all that into either.  The funny thing is that neither are a lot of the people who claim these sites will change the world.  Most of them are just trying to make a buck.

Getting rich off of social networking.  I guess it beats Amway.

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