Here's an Idea: Just Be Nice

Rather than try to recreate the world, how about just apply the real world rules of common sense and courtesy to the blogosphere.  Everyone interacts with other people all day every day in the real world, and we don’t need Tim O’Reilly to rewrite the Golden Rule for us.

If someone is an asshole, do not empower them- ignore them.  As a general rule, you cannot rehabilitate assholes.  You can only disempower them, thereby taking away the incentive to become one.

This new code of conduct business seems to me to be more about an influence grab than it is about trying to make some self-important egghead sing kumbaya.  Not to mention the fact that since it is utterly unenforceable, the only ones who will truly embrace it are those who would be nice anyway.

Seth pretty much nailed it.  So did Mike Arrington (who I feel compelled to note has been known to club others wildly on his blog).

I’m not sure where this new movement is headed, but I don’t think it’s going to instantly make the blogosphere a kinder, gentler place for most of us.

Just act like you would in the real world and things will work themselves out.  We don’t need to recreate the wheel every time someone has a flat tire.

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