New Problogger Writing Project

Darren Rowse has started a new writing project, this time on “How to” posts.

I submitted my LP to MP3 post.

Among the many good entries so far are:

How to Survive Your Young Husband’s First (Unexpected) Heart Attack by Olivia
How to Overcome Fear by Scott
How to Be Bald by Dave
How to get promoted when you work from home by Home Office Blues
Quieting the Monsters… or how to feed your Children by Miscellaneous Mum
LJP – the Treo 600 Gameboy Emulator by Tam
Make a simple diagonal page background using photoshop and css by Ben
How to Be a Parent and Still Have Fun by Mama Duck
Manage Your Manager – How to cope with Ineffectual leadership by Katy
How to Dress Like a Desperate Housewife by Leora
How to Make a Rubbish Website by Tim
How To Participate in the Blogging Community by Ray
The Great Flood by Jude
How to Jam a Printer and Settle for Tie-Dye by Deb
How to build a GARDENING blog that’s bigger than Boing Boing by Stuart
How to Get Rich in Three Easy Steps by FMF
How do I get a job in the Car Industry by Gary
Become a Blogging Maniac by Tammy
How to Dangerously Inflate your Ego via Blogging by Wendy
How to Proofread Your Own Writing by Anne
How to Sell Your Home for Sale by Owner by Rob
The Inside Scoop on How to Get Published by Tasra
Don’t get caught misunderstanding the difference between APR and APY by Ricemutt
Set up your blog using Textpattern by Jaro
How to write a great blog post by Leroy
Integrating a Forum with WordPress by ZMAng
The Process of Making a Stock Trade by Blain
How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy With your Wife by Matt
Take Your Cell Phone to the Next Level by Eltan
How to Make Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home by Paul
6 Ways to Improve Navigation and Increase Page Views by Joe
How to Enhance Mac Security by fcodc
How to Have a Relationship with God for Eternity by Scott
How to Set Up Tor and Privoxy on Ubuntu Linux by Corvillus
How to Save Money at the Grocery Store by Shannon
How to Make Your Retirement Money Last by Arieanna
How to Help Find a Cure for Diseases with Your Computer’s Unused Processing Time by Brent
How to Play Video Games with a Baby by Lynn
Quit smoking (or not) one flaw at a time by Northern Girl
Harness the Power of Word Cross-References for Mammoth Documents by Andrew
How to Let Go and Move on by Milo
How to Make Time for the Important by Basil
Get Healthy in 30 days! by Rt @ Real Muscle Online
How to Week at Instigator Blog by Benjamin
How to load Garmin TOPO maps to your hard drive by Rich
One simple knot that keeps your shoes tied by Blaine
How to Tame the Caps Lock key by Jhay
How to Bring Art to the Unwashed Masses by Jennie
How to Make a Short Film for Tropfest by Jason
Channel Your Historical Mentors by David
How to Start Bird Watching so that you’ll keep Bird Watching by Mike
Position your Fish Tank for Prosperity and Growth by Renée
How to have a successful career in politics (Jamaican style) by Xaymaca
Hair for Sale by Billy
Showing Posts When there’s no Related Posts by Ken
Learning the basics about Sharpening by Steve
How to Make it Big in the NBA if You’re Small by Easterangel
How to Find Your Niche by Alsuran
Do Blackbirds Swoop? How to Deal with Aggressive Bird Behavior by Trevor
How to Make a Family Documentary by Ron

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