Morning Reading: 9/20/06

DVGuru compares 10 video sharing services, including YouTube and Google Video.

Neil Patel on using Digg and Netscape to get blog traffic.  I haven’t really used either, and didn’t know it was cool to Digg your own posts.  I have Digg this links at the bottom of my posts now, so feel free to Digg my LP to MP3 post– I did.

Techdirt (the one mega-blog I’d read if I could only read one) on Yahoo’s newest adventures in DRM-free music.  If Disney would get behind the anti-DRM movement, it would help a lot.  I just wish Google would take a break from collecting all our data and tossing ads in our face long enough to join the fray.

Marshall Kirkpatrick has an excellent post entitled A Week in DRM Wonderland.  Marshall makes TechCrunch tolerable for me, and I suspect a lot of others.

Sizeasy lets you check the size of something you might buy against the size of all such diverse things as a deck of cards, a wine bottle and a computer monitor.  Very cool, but it should have more choices for comparison- like a configurable table or shelves.  (via DownloadSquad)

Fred Wilson has given up podcasting, saying it’s too hard.  We are still waiting for a desktop application that makes it as easy as it could be.

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