RoamEO, RoamEO, Where Art Thou Dog

As more and more GPS devices come to market, we are seeing lots of devices that allow you to track cars, people and pets.  Gizmodo has a post about a new one.

The lastest is a pet tracker cleverly (or not) called RoamEO.  I think GPS for pets makes sense.  Lucky Dog has a one of those chips that allow him to be identified should he hop a plane to San Diego or something.  I’d consider using a GPS device as well.

But not one with a limit of 1 mile.  If he’s within a mile of home, he’s not so much lost as he is out for a walk.  Granted, if he was outside of that radius, I could drive around and hope to get a beep on the unit.  But that seems less than ideal- for pet control.

But boy oh boy would I love to have one of these for quail hunting.  The unit will tell you how fast your dog is moving, which probably sounds silly to anyone who isn’t a quail hunter.  You can track 3 dogs at the same time, which is also perfect for quail hunting.

The 1 mile limit is still a little short, but I’m intrigued by the possibilities.

Lucky Dog probably won’t get a RoamEO, but some of his hunting friends might.

Now someone just needs to invent a KidEO before my kids hit the teenage years.

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