Down to 999,999

firefoxEd Bott says there’s one less reason to use Firefox, now that someone has made an add-on that replicates Firefox’s find box.

That’s a neat feature, but the fact remains that Firefox has left IE in the dust.  From time to time, IE might close the gap a little, but barring some radical open source move from Microsoft, the race for the power user is over.

One add-on to replicate one feature is simply not going to matter in the long run.  In the time it took to write that one add-on, hundreds of Firefox plugins were likely written, updated, etc.  There is too much developer support behind Firefox for IE to regain the momentum.

There are, of course, millions and millions of Windows users who don’t know anything about Firefox.  So it’s not like IE is going to fade into oblivion.

But I can’t think of a legitimate reason why a tech savvy power user would prefer IE over Firefox.

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