88 Lines About 44 Bloggers

It’s a slow weekend in the blogosphere, so I thought I’d do another mock opera. With apologies to the Nails, here we go.

Hugh draws on business cards
And on labels for his wine
Nick writes like Hemingway
But still gets crapped on all the time
Jeneane writes real good too
Even when the F-bombs land
She dropped one on her friend Stowe
Just because he is a man

Thomas speaks in thousand words
Names his photos after songs
Boing Boing is the king of blogs
How can 2 million be wrong
Randy finds some funny stuff
With links for us all to see
Jeff talks to God knows who
I just know it ain’t to me

Mike‘s a star in 2.0
He might help hawk your wares
But if all you have are ads to sell
Some will tell you to beware
Dave is looking for a fight
Though he calls himself Gandhi
Rogers thinks that’s ludicrous
I think I’d have to agree

Kate is the OmegaMom
To OmegaDotter and OmegaDad
Phil ain’t blogging much these days
Even less than Pantsland Brad
Fred lives up in the Big Apple
Where the Hangdogs used to play
Kevin features blogging songs
All hail to USA Today

One Tom drives an ambulance
Where werewolves run amuck
The other finds good stories
For you to read when you get up
Shelley she won’t take no crap
Knocks ’em out with just one punch
Dennis tried to spar with her
Until she up and ate his lunch

Scoble brought blogging to the masses
If by that you mean a few
Now he’s doing for podcasting
What Adam Curry couldn’t do
Amy teaches conversation
I really like her style
Steve used to link to me
But it’s been a good long while

Doc‘s the voice of reason
In an often foolish place
Jason wants to save AOL
And get filthy rich along the way
JK loves his Origami
He does what he can do
Gizmodo says they suck hard
The Inquirer thinks so too

Henry used to hang with Jim
Now he lives outside
Jeremy used to walk around
Now he says he’d rather fly
Hogg‘s a teacher and a coach
Taking a time out
Dave is an amazing dude
Of that there is no doubt

Dave he watches our linkcounts
As they bounce up and down
Gabe‘s the new New York Times
For the technoblogging crowd
Mathew lives in Canada
Where it’s freezing all the time
Dwight lives here in Texas
Where it’s always at least 109

Guy does lists and interviews
Of the latest blogging star
But ’til you get on Valleywag
No one knows who the hell you are
John has an ugly blog
That cries out for full feeds
Shel doesn’t dig that crazy Digg
And that makes perfect sense to me

Susan might not like this post
Because of the Nails song
But I’m just having a little fun
So why not sing along
Or go a find a brand new blog
For all the world to see
Or if that sounds like too much work
Just link and link like mad to me

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