Morning Reading: 8/28/06

While I love the show, I too was disappointed in the Deadwood season finale.

According to Download.Com, Yahoo Finance now has free streaming stock quotes. Note that streaming does not equate to real-time- they are still delayed by 15 minutes.

Jeneane Sessum to Robert Scoble: “Close the Dave Winer playbook and be yourself.” Sounds like good advice to me. Follow up.

And on the topic of Scoble, this post criticizing him for not allowing his content to be stolen and reused without attribution is either a weak stab at satire or the most ridiculous post ever. James Robertson agrees. Scoble responds. Thankfully, the offending blog seems to have been suspended by its ISP.

I missed the whole Lonelygirl15 debate, but Mathew Ingram has a good primer on it, including links to a couple of others speculating on whether this is a real person or some sort of viral marketing. I watched about 10 seconds of one episode on YouTube, and lost interest- in the video itself. But it does occur to me that too much artifice in the name of viral marketing would dilute the beauty of video blogging as a medium.

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