Dave on the Why

Dave’s response to my why question.

I agree that blogging from a handheld via email is not a perfect solution either, which is why I rarely do it. For one thing, I don’t trust the email post to show up on my blog the way I intend it to. Plus, like Dave, I like to edit my posts, add links, etc. It’s hard to do that via email on a handheld. I suspect it’s also pretty hard to do it via blogging software on a handheld (maybe that’s why Dave didn’t link back to my post when answering my questions). In sum, neither posting via email nor posting via a handheld is anyone’s idea of a great time.

With one notable exception, I don’t generally share the need to blog in line at the store, on ski lifts, in restaurants, cabs, buses, etc. Having said that, if Blackberries had decent cameras, I can imagine posting interesting photos from time to time.

The bottom line is that I’m all for increasing the internet and blogging functionality of my Blackberry. I’m just not convinced that it’s something I’ll use much.

On the other hand, anything that can be done to allow easy access to text based content via a handheld will be appreciated. Getting quick, text based content via a handheld is a lot harder that it ought to be.

I’m sure Dave is hard at work on a Newsome.Org river. We’ll see how that looks and take it from there.

Two more questions for Dave:

First, I note that at 2:06 p.m. (EST), the most current story on the NYT river is from 10:38 a.m. Is this a time zone thing and, if not, is there a way to make the news river update faster?

Second, the top two posts are links to audio content, which I’m pretty sure you can’t play on a Blackberry. Is this just because those items happen to be in the NYT feed that feeds the river or are you adding audio content by design?