11 Teams I’d Love to See on the Amazing Race

Darren Rowse has announced another group writing project, this time with prizes. The challenge is to write a list post. So I’m going to turn a post I’ve been working on for a while into a list post and see if I can win me a prize.

I admit it, I dig the Amazing Race. I thought BJ and Tyler were great and I’m glad they won.

Now I want Phil and company to do a Blogosphere Edition. It would be high entertainment, even if nobody ever made it to the finish line. Here are the teams.

1. Randy Morin and Robert Gale. The fun brokers as a team would be the new BJ and Tyler, plus they would be good for about 4 belly laughs a show. Plus if they ended up in Wales, wherever that is, Robert could read the signs.

2. Henry Blodgett and Larry Page. They could travel in Larry’s party plane and Henry could explain to him why it, like Google, is a bad investment.

3. Om Malik and Carrot Top. They’re both into phones. Plus Carrot Top knows how to fly.

4. Mathew Ingram and Dave Winer. Since Dave probably invented the Amazing Race years ago, he would know how to beat the system. And if not, he would be happy just beating on Mathew.

5. Thomas Hawk and Jill Greenberg. At some point during the race, Jill would burst into tears and Thomas could take pictures. And sell them.

6. Chris Anderson and Lee Gomes. Maybe there would be stops in Manila and the Congo, where Lee could treat Chris to a rematch.

7. Ken Leebow and Snoop Dogg. As they race around the world, Snoop could teach Ken how to really talk like a gangsta.

8. Robert Scoble and Ze Frank. Being teammates would allow Robert to fawn over Ze Frank in person (now I’m never going to get back on Scoble’s reading list).

9. Mike Arrington and Nick Douglas. For obvious reasons.

10. Kevin Hales and Tom Morris. Their arguments about politics alone would be Emmy material. They wouldn’t make it from the starting point to their car, but a show on CNN would be waiting for them when they got back.

11. Jason Calacanis and his dog. I don’t mean Steve Case, I mean his other one. The one that is on his blog and plays the Joe C. role at blog star parties.

It’s a tough race to handicap. Om and Carrot Top, Mike and Nick and Kevin and Tom would be longshots. Jason couldn’t carry his dog the way he carries AOL so they’d be out pretty early. Mathew and Dave might do OK as long as Dave focused on fighting with Mathew and not assorted taxi drivers and ticket agents. Snoop would put a cap in Ken the second time he used the word yo or peeps. Jill would decide that Thomas is exploiting her by taking pictures and quit somewhere in Yugoslavia. Chris and Lee would get lost on a deserted road somewhere.

I’d have to call it a toss-up between the fun brokers, Henry and Larry, and Robert and Ze Frank.

Sounds like a race to me.

Anyone have any additional teams they’d like to propose?

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