Sick 'Em Dwight (Er, I Mean Cory)

In a cyber-bout reminiscent of the whipping Larry Holmes once put on Marvis Frazier, Dwight Silverman refuses to buy the RIAA’s bullshit about dropping its case against the family of a recently deceased defendant “out of an abundance of sensitivity.”

Dwight asked an RIAA spokesman this very good question:

“Where was the ‘abundance of sensitivity’ when the RIAA failed to initially drop its case against the Scantleberry family following the death of the named defendant in the case?”

As Dwight points out, the RIAA only exposed its sensitive side after the story got picked up by lots of old and new media.

Look, if you want to have a scorched earth policy in the name of stuffing the long-lost cat back into the bag, then at least admit it.

UPDATE: Like a dummy, I didn’t notice that Dwight was quoting from Boing Boing. It was actually Cory Doctorow who put the Larry Holmes on the RIAA. But I’m sure Dwight would have if the RIAA weren’t already TKO’ed.