The Fun Brokers

There are two blogs that day in and day out find and present more fun and interesting stuff than any others in my blogroll:

Randy Charles Morin (iBLOGthere4iM)

Robert Gale (A Welsh View)

Along with my morning paper (Techmeme and Tom Morris), they are becoming the first feeds I read every morning.

Take today for example (no links here, go to their sites to see this stuff)…

Randy has a link to an interview with the guy who tried and failed to cancel his AOL account, a bat eating centipede, a huge sandstorm in Iraq and a bike mishap you have to see to believe.

Robert has a guy with a javelin through his head, alive and talking about it, a sales call gone bad, and Prince Phillip letting one rip at a birthday party.

Links like these are why I love the internet.