Blogger to WordPress: No Sunday Drive

As I have mentioned before, while Newsome.Org is hosted on my server, I use Blogger to publish and manage content. While not perfect, there are a lot of advantages to doing that. One, it was easy to set up when I first started using a blogging platform. Two, it allows me to easily publish from the road when I travel- even if I am using a borrowed computer.

But it is not perfect. On those infrequent, but regular, days when blogger is down, I can’t post. Plus, there are a lot of features I need (categories, built-in trackbacks, etc.) that blogger doesn’t have.

So I looked around, consulted Eric Scalf, my blog platform guru, and decided to try to move my content to WordPress. I talked some about this project before.

Eric recreated my blog template perfectly, and everything looked like a go.

Then we hit a roadblock.

It seems there is no easy way to move my prior posts to WordPress without changing the URL of the post pages, which would break my inbound links. Sure, I could leave two versions of the old post pages up, but that sort of defeats the point, at least in my mind.

There is a work-around, but that work-around requires technical chops that neither I nor 99.9% of the world’s bloggers have. The last thing I’m going to do is push a button and rely on technology I don’t understand to gently and accurately handle a year or two’s worth of content. If it doesn’t work, then I don’t know how to fix it. That would be, to quote Jim Rome, “below average.”

So, here’s the thing.

First of all, this has got to be a serious obstacle to any established blogger who wants to move his or her blog over to WordPress. I’d move today if not for this problem. Granted, it may be a problem created by Blogger’s crackhead URL handling, but Blogger is not going to fix it. In fact, Blogger probably loves it because it operates as user glue. So if established bloggers are going to move to WordPress, WordPress is going to have to fix it.

Second, and of more use to readers, Eric has published a very detailed and helpful post outlining how to move from Blogger to WordPress and describing the hurdles we experienced.

I can vouch for Eric’s expertise at template transfers, so if you are thinking of hiring him to work on your template, consider this a reference. Don’t ask him to do it for free, because it is a lot of hard work.

What even Eric can’t do, however, is fix the URL naming convention problems that stopped me in my tracks.

I’d love to move to WordPress, but at the moment that looks to be nearly impossible. I wonder how many other bloggers have considered moving only to turn back in the face of this hurdle?