Amazon S3: Not the GDrive Killer Some are Claiming

That whacking sound heard throughout the blogosphere today is the sound of Amazon whacking Google and the rest of the online storage players about the head. Amazon has released a very inexpensive online storage service that some are saying will change the online storage game.

First, the good. The service is very inexpensive. $0.15 per GB-Month of storage used and $.20 per GB-month of data transferred.

So lets say someone wants to host all their data with Amazon and serve it to their web page. Maybe 20 GB of data and 30 GB of bandwidth (transfer). That’s $3.00 per month for the storage plus $6.00 for the bandwidth, for a total of $9.00 a month. That’s an almost unbelievable price.

I signed up early this morning, and will play around with the service this weekend and report my impressions.

But this is not the GDrive and Box.Net killer some are saying it is.

Because this service is in no way, shape or form designed for the consumer to back up his or her data or media files. It is aimed at developers.

To consumers, FTP is hard enough. Soap is for the shower and rest is what you do when you’re tired. So while developers will find Amazon’s service irresistible, consumers will still look to other consumer-oriented services that make the management of online storage easier and more intuitive.

And of course by consumers, I also mean small and medium businesses without a dedicated IT department.

So while I’m excited about Amazon’s new service, let’s not get too carried away about its effect on the consumer online storage industry.