Microsoft Onfolio!

Scoble reports that Microsoft has bought Onfolio.

Assuming they didn’t pay nutty money, this is a great acquisition by Microsoft. I am a long time user of Onfolio and have sung its praises here before.

Scoble, please tell your guys to figure out a way to use Onfolio with FolderShare to allow us to synch our Onfolio content across computers, including (and this is important) what RSS feeds have already been read. Stop whatever you’re doing and go tell them that.

My Duke loving pal Buzz Bruggeman is another fan of Onfolio. And while he doesn’t know how to pick a college, he certainly knows good software when he sees it.

I wonder if Onfolio will become a part of One Note or remain a separate program.

JK (my mobile technology guru), want to venture a guess?