Origami: Anatomy of a Buzzkill

origami-716726Here’s how to make a buzzkill, courtesy of Microsoft.

So first Microsoft tosses out Office Live, only without the Office part. This confuses everyone in sight, including the best thing Microsoft has going for it, Robert Scoble.

Then we get 2006 a Flash Odyssey, giving us the vague feeling that something revolutionary is afoot. Scoble, having inexplicably been previously out of the loop, begins immediately and correctly trying to deflate the hype overload that Microsoft’s non-existent or bad (I can’t tell which) marketing department was engendering. He keeps trying, but Microsoft’s Fox Mulder-like approach to releasing details makes people believe that Origami will be made from Saturn’s rings and delivered by aliens.

By this time, there’s nothing Scoble can do. Yet, as he falls beneath the stampede he thrusts his pen once again at the problem.

By the time the truth is known, there is only one possible reaction: disappointment.

Now instead of a lot of talk about what Origami is and what it can do, there will be a lot of you’ve got to be kidding and is this what all the fuss was about.

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.