Notes: Steve Rubel's Social Media Tour

Steve’s social media tour is today.

I’ll say it one more time: this is a great way to add more voices to the conversation, and I applaud Steve for spending 12 straight hours doing so.

I’ll add notes and links to the various tour stops as they are published. Here’s the list so far:

Brian Oberkirch – Steve joins Brian in a podcast, in which they talk about the beginning of Steve’s blog, the combination of blogs and marketing and other interesting topics (including some kind words about Newsome.Org).

Fard Johnmar – Spoke with Steve about blogging and the healthcare industry.

Drew Benvie – Interviews Steve about blogging.

LTU Web Design – Steve joins Dino Baskovic in a podcast and talks about how communications practictioners can embrace blogging as well as what Web 2.0 means for the communications industry. The conversation covers full vs partial RSS feeds, social bookmarking and other interesting stuff.

I’ll add more links in another post, as additional content gets published.