Sorry Duncan, But Steve Does Get It

I really enjoyed The Blog Herald and am sorry that Duncan Riley sold it, but he (or whoever wrote this post) is simply wrong.

Just because no one has devised a profitable way to cram a bunch of RSS ads down our throats is no excuse for partial RSS feeds. Particularly when we can read another paper that provides full feeds.

Matter of fact, I suspect that part of the reason why RSS ads don’t work is because (a) no one clicks on them, and (b) the advertisers know that. Just because they don’t work the way publishers wish they would is no excuse for forcing readers to the web site for the full story.

Newspapers who understand this will provide full feeds and take readers from those who don’t.

As Steve says, in the future, “we will look back and laugh how quaint it was that we received our news on dead trees.

We will also think it quaint that publishers tried to drag us back to their ad-infested web sites by dangling half of an article in front of us.