New Technorati Features


Now that my link count problem has been at least temporarily fixed, I can resume my role as a self-appointed customer evangelist for Technorati.

Dave Sifry just announced some cool new features.

Technorati Favorites: You can add you favorite blogs (up to 50) to a personalized Technorati page. For some reason some of the feeds in my opml file wouldn’t import, but that may be a problem on my end, since I had to use Bloglines’ brain damaged export function.

Here’s my current Favorites page (the first 40 blogs in my opml file, plus 10 that didn’t quite make it). It’s a cool idea, but I wish you could have more than 50 feeds.

You can also search your favorite blogs via the Favorites page. Technorati has created widgets and buttons you can put on your blog to allow someone to easily add your blog to their Favorites.

OPML Exports: There are now little buttons at the bottom of each Blog Finder search that allow you to export those blogs into an opml file.