Web 2.0 Wars: Round 6

It’s time for Round 6 in Newsome.Org’s Web 2.0 Wars. The contestants and rules are here.

This is the final heat of the first Round. The playoffs will be next.

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Here are the contestants for Round 6:

Extra Tasty

Theadcloud is a classified ad site. It’s free and, in true Web 2.0 fashion, is tag based. You can select a tag based on where you are or what you want. Craigslist, a cool company founded by a cool guy, is the king of this space.

We talked a lot about Gather already. I’m on record as a doubter, but there are a lot of smart people behind it.

Agatra is a free service that securely stores your passwords online so that they’re accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. It can even log you in directly to most sites. Firefox already does a pretty good job of this.

Browsr is a “people powered directory” that categorizes content based on usefulness. It looks neat, but I’m not sure what it does the Technorati doesn’t do.

Oyogi is a service that tries to match questions with experts who can answer them. I asked “how do I get a link from boing boing?” It said “ask again later.” Not really.

Cafepress is a shopping site. It looks like you can make customized stuff like mugs and hats and sell them there. Why do these shopping sites never have an easy to find FAQ?

Renkoo has no information at all on its main page. Mike Arrington says it’s some sort of event/calendaring thing.

Standpoint was discussed here. It looks like a super-charged, improved version of the internet message board. Someone posts an opinion and others are encouraged to chime in. I like the idea.

Pixagogo is a photo storage and sharing site, similar to Smugmug, et al. Crowded space and others have more brand recognition.

Meebo is a ajax-based instant messenger application. You can access and manage various IM programs from the Meebo web page. I can see how someone who has to use various IM applications because of the lack of interconnectivity would like this.

Extra Tasty is a web site that lets you browse for drink recipes, by name or by primary ingredient.

I use Last.fm and I have talked at Fred Wilson, who turned me onto to it, some about it. It’s a very impressive social network focused on music. It has streaming music based on what you like and what those who like what you like like.

Before Today I’d Heard of:

3 out of 12

And the Winner of Round 6 is:

I have to pick Last.fm. Even though I use it, it still wins hands down. Standpoint finishes a solid second. The others lag behind.

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