It's a Little Cold Down Here

Many thanks to Om for his link last night. I guess hell did freeze over and I’m grateful for that.

And I wrote a heartfelt email to Steve thanking him for his kind words today. I am very grateful for his encouragement.

It’s hard to make it anywhere in the world or in the blogosphere without the help of others, and I really appreciate all of the advice, links, comments, emails, etc. I have received over the last few months. It cements my resolve to keep writing and it helps me remember that all of us, from the top A-Lister to the blogger who started writing today, are just people trying to make our way from wherever we’ve been to whatever lies ahead.

And the best thing we can do is help each other along the way. I hope one day before too long it will be my turn to reach out a helping hand, be it in the blogosphere or elsewhere.

Now that I’ve got that Hallmark moment out of the way, back to our regular schedule. Coming up: more Web 2.0 wars and a deeper look at Tailrank.