Question of the Day

Why, when people are spending all kinds of money buying TIVOs and satellite radio purely to avoid ads, is so much of the newish tech-related business we read about based primarily on ad revenue?

I believe that it’s a proven fact that most people who have the know-how and hardware to receive these Web 2.0-related products will go out of their way and come out of their pockets to avoid ads. In fact, I believe most people hate ads and will go to great lengths to avoid them.

Now comes word that some publishing company is going to hawk ad-supported eBooks. Well, actually just one (eBook, that is), according to the article. But if anyone decides this folly just might work, it will go from experiment to movement in the click of a mouse.

Let me say it again: in the medium and long term, relying primarily on ad revenue is simply not a good business plan. Nobody wants to see them and nobody is going to click on them. Even if this nutty business gets legs, the advertisers who are paying with cash and not in kind will quickly realize that the system is flawed.

Another dancer in the conga line of bad ideas.

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