Blogs for Bloggers?

Scott Karp continues to bring it over at Publishing 2.0. Today he asks if the only people who read blogs are other bloggers, and he even has pictures.

Bloggers reading bloggers is sort of a precursor to what the internet will be like when we each have our own internet, thanks to Google. Of our course we’ll be paid by Yahoo to search it, but again I digress.

Scott also admits what a lot of us would rather keep behind the locked doors of our Web 2.0 intoxicated minds:

[A] lot of my blog reading is motivated by my will to write- sure, I read lots of interesting things on blogs that I may never write about. But it’s the writer in me that pushes me to be an avid reader.

Absolutely that is the case with me and I bet it’s the case with most other bloggers too. In fact, if you are reading this and you aren’t a blogger or related to me, please give us a shout in the Comments below.

I think that 90% of the flow (to use Dave‘s word) in the blogosphere is generated by people who either blog now or are reading blogs in contemplation of joining the nerd parade. The other 10% are developers checking up on the competition, venture capitalists looking for another online calendar to invest in and our parents.

It’s the first cousin of the question I posed the other day about Web 2.0 in general.

For me, blogging, both the writing and the reading, is mostly about the conversation. So as long as I’m talking about topics of interest with other people, whether it’s just some other nerds or the rare non-blogging reader doesn’t really matter all that much. But the bloggers reading bloggers thing certainly supports my Step No. 3, which means that even if we do make it off the B-List, we won’t get a tour bus.

That’s OK. I suspect Calacanis has already rented all those anyway.

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