Nerd Wars V: The Gatekeepers Strike Back

ds-756001So Tristan Louis posts in opposition to The New Gatekeepers without linking to a single one of the prior posts saying the same thing, thereby becoming what he is criticizing in one of the most ouroborously efficient posts on record. Other nerds, including me, start braying about the great equality that is or is not the blogosphere.

Dave Winer shouts out from the Deathstar that at least some of the people complaining about the Gatekeepers are whiners and then tells me in a conversation in his newly enabled comments that Tristan has the “highest ratio of flow-to-actual work in the entire blogosphere.”

Om takes a break from continuously reading Newsome.Org to link to Tristan’s post like it’s an earth shattering revelation, again without mentioning the scads of earlier posts saying the same thing.

Meanwhile, Scott Karp, circling the Deathstar and trying to decide whether to shoot or land, says there’s nothing wrong with being a Jedi Gatekeeper, as long as you use the Force wisely.

Shel Israel gives a homily about Saville Row tailors and whatnot and ends up saying that some lady started a blog and got famous which proves that Z-Listers become A-Listers all the time. He also praises Doc Searls, which I heartily agree with. One of Doc’s posts was the catalyst for some of this recent debate, but as I said in my post yesterday, Doc is a good guy, and he proved it in a post yesterday responding to Seth Finkelstein‘s comments about life at the lonely end of the long tail.

Meanwhile Mathew Ingram suggests that Doc add comments to his blog, and gets hollered at by Dave in the comments, thereby proving and disproving both the need for comments and facial expressions in one fell swoop.

And, finally, Phil Sim, still back on Hoth, casts a lightsabre at both the Empire and the rebels and calls on the Gods of Reddit to save the galaxy.