Reviewing the Memeorandum Chasers

Mike Arrington (who will one day link to Newsome.Org, even if he doesn’t know it yet) has a post today about the various real-time news aggregators who are racing to be the next Memeorandum. Some of them I knew about, some of them I didn’t. I’m going to take a real-time look at each and see what I think.


Do I Love It: Madly. I’ve talked a ton about Memeorandum, so there’s not much more I can say. It is the New York Times of the blogosphere and the first site I read every morning.

Does It Love Me: Most of the time. Many of my posts show up there. There have been periods in the past where they don’t for a while. But I have defended it as one of the most equal opportunity sites in the blogosphere and I will continue to do so.

Conclusion: The undisputed king of the hill.


Do I Love It: We just met, but so far I’m pretty infatuated. I like the interface a lot, even though it is not as eloquent at Memeorandum’s. I’ve found a lot of good stuff here. One of my daily reads.

Does It Love Me: So far. Many of my posts show up there.

Conclusion: Definitely has legs and will be a major player in the aggregation and content mining game.


Do I Love It: Pretty much, though it is a work in progress. I mentioned it the other day. It seems to have a broader focus (but not too broad), which gives me links to stories I don’t always see elsewhere. I like the Flickr Wall.

Does It Love Me: So far. Some, but not all, of my applicable posts show up there.

Conclusion: A work in progress, but very promising.

Technorati Kitchen

Do I Love It: Well, as a self-proclaimed customer evangelist for Technorati, I better say yes. The truth is that I like it OK, but I don’t use it nearly as much as I do some of the others. Plus, it seems a little heavy on the A-Listers, which may mean that it’s solely link driven.

Does It Love Me: I don’t know. I’ve never seen one of my posts there, but I haven’t looked all that much.

Conclusion: I like it, but I don’t love it.


Do I Love It: I’m starting to have feelings for it. I like its straight forward interface, more than Chuquet’s but a little less than Megite’s. I read it every day, so it must be doing something right.

Does It Love Me: At first it hated me, now it’s starting to like me a little. Some, but not nearly all, my posts show up there. Hopefully, we’re going to start going steady soon.

Conclusion: Part of the Big Three princes in Memeorandum’s kingdom, along with Megite and Chuquet.


Do I Love It: I don’t know. It seems extremely weighted toward the “Top 100” blogs. I didn’t see any links there I haven’t seen elsewhere already today. Maybe this is designed as a way for new blog readers to find the most popular blogs. I do like the page design a lot. I just don’t know how inclusive it is.

Does It Love Me: I don’t know. I can’t see any way to view the archives or to search the site. My hunch is that it doesn’t love me.

Conclusion: Seems like it might be a closed system to me, but I can’t be sure. Requires further study.


Do I Love It: Sort of, but it’s more of a straight news site and I get that sort of news elsewhere. I can see the attraction for someone more news-interested, though. The sub-pages are too busy.

Does It Love Me: Almost certainly not.

Conclusion: Good execution, but less interesting to me than many of the others.


Do I Love It: Not really. It’s simple interface would be good for mobile users.

Does It Love Me: Sadly, no. There are posts that link to me in the list, but none of mine.

Conclusion: I’m impressed that someone could create this, but I get most of this content already elsewhere.


Do I Love It: Not really. It’s a part of a larger content aggregation page and it has blogs on all topics in a single category. Too broad for me.

Does It Love Me: I don’t know. Probably not.

Conclusion: Not a true blog aggregator by my definition.

On Deck

Newroo and Tinfinger (launching soon). I’ll write about them once I have the chance to check them out. Beta invites welcome.