OK, Shelley, How Should Techmeme Work?

Shelley Powers has a post complaining about Techmeme and its secret formula algorithm for inclusion. Specifically, she doesn’t like the fact that traffic resulting from inbound links to Techmeme plays a small role in getting a blog considered for inclusion.  Here‘s Gabe’s post about getting included on his memetrackers, in which he describes the inbound … Continue reading OK, Shelley, How Should Techmeme Work?

Why Backfence Tells Us Nothing About the Viability of Citizen Journalism

Rafat Ali reports that Backfence, once the poster child for aggregated citizen journalism, is shuttering all 13 of its local-news based web sites. You remember Backfence.  It is/was, to quote the American Journalism Review, “a series of hyperlocal, news-oriented web sites whose tone and content – news, commentary, blogs, photos, calendar listings – would be … Continue reading Why Backfence Tells Us Nothing About the Viability of Citizen Journalism

Declaration of Blogging Independence

When in the Course of online events it becomes necessary for alienated and isolated bloggers to dissolve the existing blogging hierarchy and exclusionary behavior which have disconnected them from the A-List and made them feel even more nerdy, and to assume among the multitude of powers they wish they had, the equally unattainable station to which the Laws of It Ain’t … Continue reading Declaration of Blogging Independence

From Creation to Abandonment: the 5 Stages of Blogging

Between my earlier ScobleFeeds series and my current swivel feeds experiment, I have read a lot of blogs.  During this time, I have been looking for patterns and commonalities.  While it’s hard to draw too many universal conclusions about the blogging experience without front-end data, there are a few patterns that emerge. One of them is … Continue reading From Creation to Abandonment: the 5 Stages of Blogging

It's About Choices and Accountability

Nobody ever won an argument by simply saying “I’m mad at you” over and over.  If someone is already being critical of your words or actions, they probably don’t care if you’re mad at them.  They’re probably mad at you too.  Jumping up and down might make you feel better, but it doesn’t get you any closer to … Continue reading It's About Choices and Accountability