Let's Trade Music Ideas

One of the many things I like about Fred Wilson’s blog is his musical tastes and the way he writes about music. The best new song I heard last year (Josh Rouse’s Dressed Up Like Nebraska) was discovered via Fred’s blog.

So the other day I noticed those new, red song and artist charts on the left side of his blog. I went and dug around the Last.fm site a little and decided that sharing playlists this way would be a great way to learn about new music. So I signed up, downloaded the plug-in that allows Last.fm to track what I listen to on our music server (other than the occasional A-Teens song by Cassidy, I’m the only one who ever uses the server, so almost all of the music on there is mine). I added Fred and a couple other people I know as “friends” and am looking forward to sharing playlists and discovering some new music.

You can see my Last.fm page here and via the link in the left hand column of this page. Check out my playlist- it’s alternative country, classic rock, blues and blues rock focused. If you share my musical tastes, sign up at Last.fm and add me as a friend. I’ll reciprocate and we can start mining for new music.