PC Myth Busting


Dwight Silverman posted a reminder today about a great PC World article from 2004 that addresses a lot of the PC myths that I get asked about all the time. Whether you are a computer expert or someone who struggles to send an email, you should read this article.

Among the myths addressed are:

1) Magnets’ effect on data
2) Cell phones on airplanes
3) Cookies (not the kind you bake)
4) Turning off without shutting down
5) Opting out of spam
6) Turning off your PC every day
7) Laptop batteries

It’s interesting that their experience opting out of spam is similar to that of my friend at work.

One I wish they would cover is that using online sites will not immediately result in a theft of your money and identity. So many of my friends refuse to register with ANY online sites or services because they believe someone will immediately steal from them. Dwight, please bust this myth so my friends will sign up for some of these great web 2.0 applications!