Christmas Part 2: Christmas Eve

Today was a fun and relaxing day. The Clarks came over this afternoon and we played soccer in the new yard. The girls (Cassidy, Evie, Delaney and Yvette) beat the boys (me, Greg and Aidan) 20-8. I have yet to win a game on the new soccer field.

Later we went with the Fenrichs to the children’s Christmas Eve service at church and then to Outback for dinner. Last Christmas Eve we did the same thing, except it was snowing really hard and we came home afterwards and had a snowball fight.

After dinner the Fenrichs and the Clarks came over for dessert. The kids played on the trampoline and had a great time. Arnie and I played some pool.

After everyone left, the kids opened their traditional Christmas Eve presents, wrote a note for Santa and ran off to bed.

What a fun day!

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