ScobleFeeds A-Z: The H’s

This is part eight of my A-Z review of Scoble‘s feeds. The rules and criteria are here.

One of the things I have concluded based on my review of the Scoblefeeds so far is that there are an awful lot of blogs that either (a) have moved with no forwarding address or (b) aren’t updated very often. My rule of thumb is to move past any blogs that don’t have a least a few posts a week. I’d say between the two, about 40% of the Scoblefeeds are eliminated.

For all of those reasons, there’s not a lot to choose from in the H’s, but I did find one good one:

HorsePigCow (RSS Feed)

HorsePigCow has a little tech, a little photography, a little life. A nice mix of interesting topics by the Online Marketing Manager of Riya. I don’t know enough about Riya to comment one way or the other, but if a bunch of cool people decide to build something, that’s always a good thing.

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