All I Want for Christmas

It’s Christmas time and I’ve been doing a little shopping for Raina and the girls. They keep asking me what I want for Christmas, and I never know what to tell them.

But I have done a little thinking about my blog-related wishlist and here’s what’s in my email to blog-Santa.

Dear blog-Santa,

I have mostly tried to be good this year. Here’s what I want for Christmas:

1. At least one person to comment on one of my Flickr photos.

2. To get on Memeorandum again.

3. A place on Dwight Silverman‘s blogroll.

4. To learn how not to skip numbers in my lists. (NEW)

5. For Kevin Hales to blog more.

6. To meet the King of Houston Bloggers, JKOnTheRun.

7. For John Perry Barlow to blog more (or even some).

8. For Thomas Hawk to take and post lots of photos with his new camera.

9. A link from Fred Wilson.

10. To find more great blogs to read.

Thanks, Santa. I’ll try harder to be good in 2006.

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