Incredible Photos, No. 2

Get ready, here comes another Flickr post.


I’ve preached before, both here and over lunch, about the many wonderful features of Flickr. How you can upload, organize and share your photos. How you can select who can see each photo (from anyone, to friends to just your family). How you can order posters, bound and professional looking books of your photos, prints (yes, prints) and even real stamps with your photos on them. All directly from the Flickr page.

What I haven’t talked enough about is all the beautiful photos you can admire by exploring the Flickr community.

Explore a little. Explore a little more (click Reload in the upper right of the second link to see more photos). It’s like a museum, right on your computer screen.

If you want to see a particular kind of photo, search by tag or description (use tag and fill in something- like “old shed” or “marbles“).

Feeling stressed? Stare quietly at this simple yet stunning photo by Andrew Morrell for a few seconds- see how calming it is (notice the colors, the focus, the beauty and peacefulness). Instant zen. And it doesn’t cost a thing.

Take a few minutes to marvel at Thomas Hawk‘s amazing photography. His work absolutely stuns me. And he does it because he loves to take pictures and share them with us. Just like thousands of other Flickr users.

There are thousands and thousands of photos to be discovered in the great hall of Flickr. The uploading is just the beginning. There is so much more to be seen.

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