Great Flickr News

Flickr and its publishing partner, QOOP have unveiled Flickr’s new book printing service. This wonderful and affordable service allows you to order glossy, laminated photo books and posters made up of your favorite photos from your Flickr account. I’ve already ordered a poster of my Summer 2005 photos and plan to order at least one book a year, and probably more.

The prices are $9.99 for a 13.5 by 19 inch poster (with many pictures in rows- it looks very cool) and books start at $9.99.

The possibilities of this service are endless. Not only can you order professional looking books and posters of your own photos, but just imagine the fund raising possibilities for schools, etc. If my kids’ teachers took one picture of classroom activites every day during the school year, I’d pay 3 or 4 (or 10) times what it would cost the school to have these books printed. Other parents would too. Think about all of the old family photos we all have stuffed into boxes somewhere. A nice book of the best ones would make a super holiday gift.

My friends all say that Flickr is great, but complain that you can’t order prints from your Flickr account (you can’t order covered wagons from a Toyota dealer either). Now you can order an entire book of photos, which is much better, not to mention easier, than ordering and organizing a bunch of prints. Luddites fear not, however, because Flickr representatives have stated on the record that they are looking into print ordering as a future option.

Google changed the internet search world for the better. Now Flickr is changing the photography world for the better. I can’t wait for my poster to get here!

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