Mock Opera

Here’s a musical version of what happened today. Set to the tune of Leon Russell’s most excellent Shootout on the Plantation.

The Cast
Punkin……Cassidy (her lifelong nickname)
Bub Head….Raina (also a nickname)
Dodo……..Me (this is what the kids call me)
The Bears…Cassidy, Delaney & Raina
Lucky Dog…Lucky Dog

Punkin and the Bub Head are fighting
About a day camp in the neighborhood
The Punkin never learned how to do what she’s told
And Bub Head wishes she would
Dodo said the Bears are for lovin’ not fighting
But that didn’t clear the air
‘Cause Punkin’s still acting
Like she lives in the jungle
While Bub pulls out her hair

The Punkin got the ‘tude
The Bub Head got the treats
Dodo’s an easy mark
So they both run to me
It’s a shootout on the plantation
It’s so hard to understand
Why are some people so hard headed
Neither one’s the villain
The last one to bed
Is the first to call
And using mean talk
Gets you nowhere at all
It’s a shootout on the plantation
Heaven help Lucky Dog

And the threat of no sleepovers
Enough to cause her blood to freeze
But the Punkin’s still growling
Like some feral beast
And doing just what she pleases
Bellaire’s lonesome daddies are tuned into
Their TV shows
Trying to find a safe place to hide
Before the volcano blows