One More Reason Not to Like

What passes for country music these days.

According to Reuters, Troy Gentry, of the country act Montgomery Gentry, has been charged with killing a tame bear named Cubby and then faking a video to make it look like a hunting trophy.

According to Reuters:

“After using a bow and arrow to kill the animal inside its pen, Gentry and the owner of the preserve tagged the bear and registered it with the state as if it had been killed in the wild. A videotape was edited to make it appear that Gentry had hunted down the bear.”

What kind of dude (I’ll resist using the P word) do you have to be to want to shoot a tame, caged bear and dummy up a video to make it look like a hunt?

What’s next, a big game hunting trip to the zoo?

I wonder how many more seconds the “Humane Society Approved” logo will be on the Minnesota Wildlife Connection‘s web site?

I grew up listening to country music, but to my knowledge I have never heard a Montgomery Gentry song. The stuff coming out of Nashville these days sounds more like recycled Dan Fogelberg than Merle Haggard or George Jones.

If he really did this, maybe he’ll have prison in common with Merle Haggard. That would be about it.

Black Squirrels

blacksquirrelThe BBC has an article about a rare black squirrel that regularly visits a garden in England.

I saw a black squirrel when I was a kid. One afternoon, after school, my mom and I were driving from my hometown to my mom’s hometown a couple of hours away. The route leads through a lot of pine forests. Somehow my mom noticed the squirrel foraging around near the edge of the woods beside the road. She stopped the car and backed up along the shoulder. We slipped out of the car and watched the squirrel for a few minutes.

I hadn’t thought about that squirrel in a long time until the other day when Cassidy asked me if there were red or black squirrels. I told her there were and that I had seen a black one one time. Then a few days later I see a link to this story on Robert Gale’s web site.

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Friday's Link: Botswana WildCam

Here’s a really cool combination of technology and the great outdoors. National Geographic has a live webcam at a watering hole in Botswana. Unlike 99.99% of the webcams in the world, this one actually works.

It pans around the watering hole and seems to zoom in when the computer detects movement.

I’ve seen quite a few animals over the past few days- wildebeests, some sort of an antelope looking animal and a bunch of birds. And that’s after only about 15 minutes of total watching time. There is a long list of animals that have been spotted at the watering hole.

Very cool deal!

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Flickr: Field Guide to Birds

This is a perfect example of what makes Flickr such a phenomenal tool. I’ve always been a interested in birds. When I see an unusual bird, I like to find out what kind it is and learn a little about it. My mom was a devoted bird watcher and I inherited a little of her love of birds. I used to keep a list of the birds I have seen in the yard.

This interesting and useful Flickr group contains photos of birds from all over the world. I wish the tags were more organized (i.e., by type of bird and location). Otherwise this is a great collaborative effort by bird watchers from all over the world.

Just another reason to love Flickr.

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