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Kevin Hales is a friend of mine and one of the best writers I know. I’ve read his posts on ACCBoards.Com for years. Now he has a blog. Kevin’s one of those rare folks who can write about anything and make it intensely interesting. Witness this excerpt from his hilarious post about the neighborhood Buddhist-in-training:

You know, the putz from some American suburb who has recently discovered Buddhism and has gotten all Zenny and over-serious? The guy who doesn’t own a TV and needs to tell everyone about it?

He will find you at parties, sometimes. His name might be, I don’t know, Benjamin. He might have a goatee, or maybe just some ridiculous spot of hair on his chin. He might say, “My name is Ben. I don’t say ‘Benjamin’ anymore because people can’t spell it.” (I never understood this.) At some point, really way too soon in the conversation, he’ll say something about Buddhism. Then he’ll say, “Not Boo-dism, mind you–Boo-thism. There’s an H in there. Not many people know that.” This will mark the first time you really really should get away from him.

But you can’t. He has identified you as the guy he’s going to mentor about Eastern philosophy tonight. He mildly, but firmly, says, “Let me ask you a question. Why do you work?” If you are smart, at this point you will stab him in the neck with the nearest moderately pointy object within reach. More of us are not smart when faced with this guy, though. We are naive. What you do is fumble a bit and then say, “Well, I guess to make money.”

Bookmark his blog. You’ll be glad you did.

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Friday’s Link: Good News Blog


If, like me, you are getting sick and tired of the media’s obsession with fear and devastation, the Good News Blog is for you.

Here’s what the “About” page has to say:

GoodNewsBlog.com is about real news, about positive news. Its about people helping people, lucky escapes, miraculous rescues, great scientific breakthroughs. It’s about the majority of people going about their daily lives without making that bad big impact that gets them that negative headline. Its about you and me just living our daily life.

There is a definite, though not in-your-face, Christian slant to this blog. That’s a good thing (both the slant and the not in-your-face part) as far as I’m concerned, but I thought I’d point it out for those who feel differently.

After all the bad news we’ve seen, heard and read lately, the Good News Blog is a much appreciated breath of fresh air.

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Friday's Link: Freshblog

The fact that I have the time to pick Friday’s Link tonight and electricity and an internet connection to post it speaks volumes to how kind Hurricane Rita has been to us so far.

Freshblog is one of my favorite blogs. It regularly provides good tips about creating and customizing blogs as well as good takes on technology in general. I have used several tips I read on Freshblog to improve the Newsome.Org pages, but you don’t need to have a blog to enjoy Freshblog. All it takes is a desire to learn about how people are using the internet to create and distribute content- blogs and otherwise.

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Friday’s Link: Memorandum


Memorandum is a very popular site that links to content from selected blogs. It’s a little hard to explain, but basically Memorandum contains links to blogger discussions on hot topics (meaning topics that a lot of people are talking about).

One problem I had with the original iteration of Memorandum was that the topics were too heavily weighted towards political discussion, and I don’t care a whit about politics. In fact, it bores me to tears.

Now, Memorandum has split into two sites: politics and tech. Personally, I don’t read the politics version, but the tech version is one of my every day reads. Politics or tech- either way you can find some good content fast via Memorandum.

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Friday's Link: Survival of New Orleans Blog

Firday’s link for this week is the Survival of New Orleans Blog. An employee at an ISP that is somehow still operational is blogging first hand about the troubles and tragedy in the Crescent City.

The site links to a live webcam and has a bunch of photos.

More information about New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina can be found at the Post-Katrina Intel Dissemination Wiki.

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Friday’s Link: GUI Gallery


Friday’s Link for this week is the Graphical User Interface Gallery. This interesting site has descriptions and screen shots of many old and nearly forgotten GUIs and operating systems.

There are pages with descriptions and screen shots of Apple Lisa, At Ease (alternate Mac desktop), Amiga, OS/2, all versions of Windows, Norton Desktop for Windows, and my favorite, Microsoft Bob. I remember having a copy of Bob in my hands back in 1995 and wondering if I should buy it. I didn’t and, but for this web site, I would never have had the pleasure of seeing Bob and the original Rover (who is still running around in the seach boxes in Windows XP).

The GUI Gallery is a neat trip down memory lane for anyone who has used computers for any length of time. Seeing the Apple II desktop again reminded me of the many hours I spent back in the mid-eighties playing Island Apventure, a game my brother in law had on his Apple II.

Island Apventure was the first of 4 computer games that have captivated me over the years. The others are Starflight (still my all time favorite game), Sim City and Civilization. Civ IV is coming out soon and I am trying to decide if I am too old to play computer games. I hope not, because there’s no way I will be able to resist buying it.

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